Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Cute Cloud Rain Cartoon
It's raining.
Every single day!
I love rain.
I really do.
It helps to wash off the dirt on this Earth.
Take it as.. 
Hey! Our Earth gets to bath too! :D

 +  = 
That sorta thing.
Though I think our rain's as polluted as that.
But I guess it'll change in time xD
(I hope)

I realised life's too short to be worrying about all those..
Not-so-important stuff like...
People gossiping about you and so on.
I mean, it's normal.
Because bad news spreads fast as always :)

Oh and you know what?
I gotta work on my violin skills. BADLY.

On the side note,

SPM's in 41 days. Are YOU ready?

I'm contented!

Tasha G Lim :)

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