Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Graduation Rehearsal

I can't wait to graduate yet sometimes when I think about it,
Wow.. It's been long.
I've studied for about 12 years under my school's name,
Detested it as a teen but now,
I pretty much love this place.
(Though I do NOT plan on returning for Form 6)

We had our graduation run through today and I accidentally said the word..
while holding the mike -_____-
I may now bang my head against the wall!

but I guess...

So who am I to judge? hahaha

I woke up today with a sweet text from Charmaine,
Honestly, I love that girl :)
Best friends much. ♥ 

Oh and I went for my first car practical yesterday.
I do NOT like driving!
I can't seem to get the hang of the clutch thingeh.
It's sooo annoying!!!

Oh who cares,
I'm getting my


Oh well,
Guess I'm done.
Can't wait to grab my Chatime tomorrow


OH GOD. I can't wait! hahahaha

and Joe Jie's treating me my 600 cc ice kacang thingeh :D

Oh tomorrowww!!!! ~~ :)

Tasha G Lim
Sides :
Our toys are just for us only.
We love them, we adore them and we're selfish about them.
But sometimes, it's all that we do that kills the bond between us and them.
So I guess maybe it's time I let go of all my toys one by one.
Maybe it's the way things should be. :)

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